DoD SkillBridge - Talent

Is your business interested in having a larger impact in the military community?

CareerSource Okaloosa Walton is partnering with local military installations to match qualified Transitioning Service Members with training and development opportunities to meet your specific workforce needs. 

Approved individuals can be granted up to 180 days of permissive duty to complete an internship opportunity at NO cost with an approved industry partner.  

What are the Benefits?

  • Generates connections to skilled and trained candidates
  • Access to candidates with active security clearance
  • Individualized training to match your models and needs
  • Worker's Compensation provided by the DoD
  • Simple process, minimal paperwork
  • Service members will continue receiving their normal active-duty salary and benefits while training with approved organizations

Note: FLSA Approved Unpaid Internships

​What is the Process?

  • Already an Approved DoD SkillBridge Sponsor?
    • Register to participate and receive participant referrals by providing job titles/descriptions
    • Receive Service Member referrals
    • Interview potential interns
  • How to Become an Approved DoD SkillBridge Sponsor
    • Create a Training plan. If one is not available, CareerSource Okaloosa Walton has a template that can be used.
    • Submit created Training Plan to
    • Local Veteran Employment Representative (LVER) team will review submitted Training Plan(s) before forwarding to Florida DEO Veteran's program for application to the DoD SkillBridge program.

What is the Duration of the Internship?

  • The duration of the training is based on service member's needs as approved by their commander (usually no more than 6 months or 180 days) 

Why should I partner with CareerSource Okaloosa Walton?

Our team of specialized Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVERs) understand your talent needs. We provide career guidance to Transitioning Service Members by helping them identify career goals and translate their military skills to match your job requirements. We vet candidates before connecting them with training or employment opportunities to guarantee the ideal match. 

Our industry partners get priority of candidate referrals!

​​How can a Business get Added to the List of Available Internship Opportunities? 

Contact our team of Local Veteran Employment Representatives by calling (850) 833-7587 ext. 2110 or 2115, email and get started!