DoD SkillBridge - Internship

The DoD SkillBridge - Internship allows Active Duty Service Members who are within 180 days of separation to accept internships with a company in their desired industry and/or career field.

Program Eligibility:

  • Service Member must be within 180 days of approved retirement or separation.
  • Participation depends on unit and mission requirements.

If Interested in the DoD SkillBridge - Internship, please complete our Intake Form. The following steps must be completed in order for participant to start an internship opportunity:

  1. Determine Eligibility by contacting your Education Center and obtaining information on the DoD SkillBridge - Mandatory counseling/briefing and a copy of the Vetting Checklist.
  2. ​Explore Internship Opportunities by completing the CareerSource Okaloosa Walton Intake Form and looking at the current internship opportunities (Note: we will contact employers outside of the ones registered to participate). 
  3. Secure Approval from your commander once Vetting Checklist has been completed and signed by provider.
  4. Begin Training

​ ​For questions concerning the DoD SkillBridge - Internship Process, please contact your Education Center.

Companies interested in participating in this program, please complete our Employer Intake Form

For more information, contact us at or Neely Jo Harrington at (850) 833 - 7587 ext. 2113

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