Internship - Prepare the Workforce of the Future

Our WorkforceNOW! program helps young adults gain the skills and job experience they need to enter the workforce and succeed!

The WorkforceNOW! offers businesses the opportunity to have young adults between the ages of 16-24 complete an internship with your business for six (6) weeks at no cost. This is a great time for employers to start building a talent pipeline to fill job vacancies. 

How can my business make an impact and shape the skills of the Future? 

  • Contact your Business Services Account Manager to obtain more information on this program​.
  • Interested employers will sign a Worksite Agreement to provide hands-on experience during the course of the six weeks.
  • Workers Compensation coverage is offered to participating business via. the State of Florida
  • Wanted Industries: Health Care and Social Assistance, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, and Hospitality


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